Edvance Back to School Bootcamp 2022

The disruption caused by COVID-19 led to Edvance launching its inaugural Back to School Bootcamp back in August 2020 to support educators returning to school. Since then, nearly 1000 educators have been able to connect and learn from each other every year. 

Back to School Bootcamp is designed to help you prepare for another year of teaching, with sessions led by your colleagues in and beyond Edvance. Sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including: social/emotional wellbeing for both students and staff, diversity and belonging, pedagogy and instruction, tech tools, assessment, literacy instruction, and special de-streamed grade 9 category. You’ll walk away with many practical ideas and challenges that you can take into the new school year.

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 Thank you to The Christian School Foundation for their generous sponsorship of the Back to School Bootcamp!