About Us

Fostering excellence in Christian elementary and secondary schools.

Leaders in vibrant independent Christian schools value being part of a larger community of inspirational principals, professional educators, high-performing boards, and achieving schools where mutual support, professional encouragement, collaborative opportunities, and encounter with best practices in education and in school operations and management are the norm.

Founded on the strength of several legacy associations, Edvance opened its doors for operation on August 1, 2018. Within months, Christian schools across Ontario—and one in Prince Edward Island—joined the new industry association.

These school leaders, and those who have joined Edvance as affiliates since, recognized the value of being professionally supported by a team of seasoned industry experts that would serve them with resources, best practices, and timely advice in leadership, learning, school operations and management, and sector advocacy.

Edvance affiliate schools, our team, and our products, events, services, cohorts, and relationships continue to grow, in number and depth.

If you are involved in leading a Christian school in Ontario, please reach out. We’d like to get to know you better.


Our Mission

Our mission is to foster excellence in Christian elementary and secondary schools. And we believe that excellence in education depends on excellence in leadership.

Our Aspiration

As a leading voice in education, Edvance will know, unite, equip, and uplift a growing, diverse, relational network of leaders and their teams who understand their own school’s identity, who are attentive to this cultural moment, and who seek to expand the impact of Christ-centered education.

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Edvance affiliates benefit from a wide range of resources and support. Contact us for more information.

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