Fear Not

By Tim Bentum  |  October 7th

At a recent Edvance event, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of our Members of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and hear about his life journey and his calling to become an MPP. His story of finding ways, as a Christian, to engage and influence the current political scene in the province was fascinating.

One thing that really stuck with me from his authentically shared story was his idea that God has called him for a specific time and a specific place. Much like Esther in the Bible who was called ‘for such a time as this’ (Esther 4:14), this MPP really saw God at work in his life to put him where he is for this time and for His purpose.

Our MPP friend also noted that when you think about things in a cosmic scope (which can be hard in the daily grind), we as school leaders should feel a deep sense of encouragement and comfort from the fact that God has us in a particular place for a particular purpose for a specific time. When your assignment is done, if you are listening, God will let you know. Until that time, you have nothing to fear. God is going to go with you and lead you so you can lead others, often in spite of your leadership abilities (or inabilities).

Although this may sound simplistic, sometimes it is the simple Biblical truths that I find myself needing to return to in order to make sense out of life and leadership. I can remember the renowned Oxford theologian and scientist, Alister McGrath, noting that for all of his education and academic career, the most important reality in his life is that he knows ‘Jesus loves me.’

If you are faced with challenges and obstacles that you don’t think you can overcome on your own, you are probably right. But you can simultaneously take refuge in the fact that God has placed you in this position for right now and He hasn’t called you away from it yet. What that means is that He is going to work through you and those around you to bring good out of the bad. Just wait, fear not. That is why you are there. Not because it is easy, and not because others will always like you. But fear not, God is using you to lead. Until He releases you from your assignment, fear not.