The Importance of Connection

By Ray Hendriks  |  September 3rd

One of the great traditional practices in our Christian schools is the regular gathering of principals and leadership team members with others in their region through cohort meetings. These regional cohorts are an integral part of our leadership initiatives. Many of our school leaders make the effort to be active participants, recognizing the importance of connection to their leadership journey.

The Edvance leadership cohort mentors gathered a few weeks ago to reflect on the events of the previous year, and to vision together about this upcoming year. Every time we meet, I am reminded of the quality and commitment of our cohort mentors. They are driven by a desire to serve their cohorts well and to expand the work of Christian education in Ontario.

During our meeting, we had opportunity to discuss some innovative new ideas, to encourage improvements in communication, and to affirm the importance of good leadership learning and supportive small group communities.

As you begin to see the invitations to cohort meetings arrive in your inbox, I want to remind you of some reasons to make your attendance at these gatherings a priority:

  • They are inspirational and renewing, which is important for our self-preservation as leaders;
  • They engage us in new learning experiences;
  • They provide safe places for sharing and being supported in times of need, providing answers and comfort;
  • They connect us with colleagues who become prayer partners and champions beyond the formal meetings;
  • They serve as a reminder that we are not alone in this work.

Are you plugged in and connected with your cohort? If not, I encourage you to make this a regular practice.