There is a Theme That Makes Your Heart Sing

By Ren Siebenga  |  June 17th

There is a theme in your life that when you think about it you get lighthearted and you will have to be distracted to be brought back to reality. When you begin to talk about it, your eyes sparkle and you come to life. The search for that theme is an exploration of what you have done, and what people highlight when they tell you how you have affected them. Our personal theme is something we bring in our encounters with others—it guides us in how we execute our tasks and responsibilities. A theme contains philosophy, boundaries and mission. As a leader, I know that I cannot live up to it completely. It will curb my style, and if I fail, it is because I have failed my theme. As you think about leaders, notice how their personal theme is made visible in what they say and do. It is very difficult to be a leader and keep one’s personal theme hidden. It has to be allowed out of the cage; it is visible through words and actions. Authenticity and integrity are evidenced through theme.