Grade 3 Teacher

The International Academy of Suriname (IAS), is located in Paramaribo, the capital city of Suriname.  Paramaribo is on the edge of the last remaining pristine rainforest in the world.  The school is located in a quiet residential neighborhood of Paramaribo.  Classes are taught in English. Our curriculum is based on the Texas State Standards and all teacher must maintain North American certifications in their field. Our school teaches the children of leaders from over 20 countries.  Nearly all of them do not know Christ, but there is a solid core of Christian families.  You can make a difference here.

We offer a salary paid in USD, free medical insurance, housing, utilities, internet, and phone.  We also pay for your first flight into the country and your last flight out of the country.

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1. You must have at least a bachelors degree

2. Be a team player

3. Have a love for students from all over the world

4. Have a missions mind as most of our students are not Christians

5. Want to put your Christian faith into practice

International Academy of Suriname

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