St. Timothy's Classical Academy
Leading students to reverence truth, desire goodness and rejoice in beauty.

This is a difficult question for many Christian parents. You have invested so much in your children while they are young, planting seeds of faith and learning. And now you must decide where they will spend their days, continuing in that journey. You are looking for strong academics; a place that values passing on the essential tools to learn any subject, along with cultivating Godly habits of heart, mind and work. You also desire a school where children can ask questions, make connections, and feel confident in finding the truth. You hope for a place where children can learn to be a light to the world, and where they are surrounded by and learn to seek and create beauty. As Christians you desire an environment where goodness, kindness, and respect are expected, scripture is embraced, and Christ is glorified. Like you, at St. Timothy’s we are focused not just on what children are learning, but who they are becoming. We provide the good soil for the seeds that you have planted to grow, cultivating mind, heart, body, and soul.