Unity Christian High School
Believe, Belong and Thrive

Unity Christian High School is located in the heart of the city of Barrie and within a 5 minute walk of the beautiful Barrie waterfront. At Unity, our goal is to provide an environment where every student can, "Believe, Belong and Thrive." All aspects of education at Unity are done in the light of God's word. Students are encouraged and challenged to connect their faith to all aspects of life. Every student is an image bearer of God and as  such they have value and worth. They belong to our community of faith and each student is valued, appreciated and shown Christ-like love. Each student is uniquely gifted and at Unity we make learning practical and applicable to life so that each student can thrive. Our goal is to prepare students to be  who God has called them to be. Our vision for  Unity Christian High School graduates is that the will be equipped to boldly seek and proclaim God's truth, and respond to their calling to participate in God's kingdom.