In the growth and trajectory of an emerging leader in your school, a great first step is the Emerging Leaders Cohort and a second, more intensive step is the Emerging Leaders Development Institute (ELDI). Edvance, in partnership with our national and international sister organizations (Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia, Prairie Centre for Christian Education, and Christian Schools International) annually runs this ‘next step’ experience for growing leaders in our Christian school networks.

ELDI launches each year in late June/early July with a live, three-day retreat somewhere in Canada or the United States. This live leadership intensive is designed to develop relationships and a strong learning culture within a group of about 25 emerging leaders in Christian schools.

Following the initial three-day retreat, participants then meet virtually six more times throughout the school year to dive into leadership development topics that are more specifically geared towards a potential future leadership role as a head of school. Although there is overlap in some of the content between ELDI and the Edvance Emerging Leaders Cohort, ELDI is more overt about training that is geared towards a head of school position, while the Emerging Leaders Cohort is intentionally more general in its leadership development scope.

Registrations and nominations for ELDI for the 2024-2025 cohort will close on April 19, 2024. If you have questions about ELDI, please contact Tim Bentum at