Edvance Coaching Program

Edvance’s coaching program offers a limited number of free coaching engagements for school leaders in Edvance affiliate schools. 


As Tod Bolsinger advises in his book Tempered Resilience, it is essential to any leader’s development that you don’t lead alone. A leader should have a coach, a guide, a mentor, a counselor, or a spiritual director who can authentically, honestly, and gracefully speak into your life for your own formation and development.

Edvance coaches offer valuable leadership mentorship and guidance to school leaders at all stages and seasons of their leadership journeys, whether brand new, mid-career or in the final lap. Coaches are experienced leaders who have led for an extended period of time in Christian schools.

This upcoming school year, we will again have a limited number of free coaching engagements available to school leaders as we continue to build this critical program. If you have already benefitted from this program in some way or if you would like to extend a coaching engagement beyond the complimentary framework, there is also a paid option available to you and your school. Also, in the coming school year we are actively working on diversifying our stable of coaches to include specific expertise for schools who may require more of a consultative approach or a spiritual direction approach, or perhaps even an approach to coaching that takes you outside of the world of education. For more information about the Edvance Coaching Program contact Tim Bentum.

Tim Bentum, MEd
Director of Leadership and External Relations

Ext. 107