Excellence in education depends on excellence in leadership.

Supporting Christian school leaders is a key priority for Edvance. Edvance’s Director of Leadership and eight Cohort Leaders are focused on building leadership capacity in Christian school administrators and in emerging leaders through the development of character, competency, and courage. 

Professional development events and retreats are held throughout the year. Regional leadership cohorts convene Christian school principals regularly for collaboration, encouragement, and support. Our monthly e-newsletter, the Edvance Notice, provides key insights, reflections, and links to coming events.

Leadership Services Offered to Affiliate Schools

  • Participation in regular cohort meetings with fellow school leaders
  • Guidance and support from a regional cohort leader
  • Professional development events for school leaders
  • Worldwide partnership and excursions to encourage innovative school leadership
  • Edvance Notice newsletter: monthly articles and resources on the art of leading
  • Premium articles housed on exclusive affiliate portal site


Courage based leadership is demonstrated through confident rootedness in faith and convictions which empowers leaders as they lead their organizations towards a clear and impactful vision for education. Courageous leaders are willing to push beyond the status quo as they develop an imaginative and hope filled future where barriers are overcome and opportunities are grasped. They follow the example of Christ by establishing communities of belonging where people can develop their God-given potential.


Character based leadership is demonstrated when there is a consistent alignment of belief and behaviour - belief that is aligned with the Christian values expressed in the community and behaviour that is girded with integrity, humility, compassion and trust. These leaders value relationships and actively engage with those whom they serve in order to lead with wisdom, passion and joy. They develop and enhance a positive culture where all members can thrive as they engage in Christ centered education.


Competence based leadership is demonstrated through an articulated, shared educational vision which sets strategic direction, administrative coherence and provides the resources for accomplishing this vision. Competent leaders lead the learning at their school while continuing to personally enhance their own knowledge, skills and practices. Competent leadership is credible, consistent and responsive, inspiring confidence at all levels of the organization.

Emerging Leaders

The Edvance team convenes an annual emerging leader cohort to support potential leaders in developing their leadership acumen and identify opportunities. Educators considering administrative roles are also encouraged to participate in the Emerging Leaders Development Institute (ELDI) program.

“The cohorts are invaluable. Being able to gather with other leaders that are walking similar journeys is both an encouragement and a source of Christian brother/sisterhood. Few places in life are we able to sit with a group of people that can provide wisdom and insight into your work in a way that is holistic and strongly contextualized.”


Leadership Cohorts

Edvance regularly convenes seven regional leadership cohorts as well as one cohort dedicated to secondary schools. Christian school leaders, including principals and vice-principals, are encouraged to prioritize their attendance at cohort gatherings, and are welcomed to reach out to their cohort leader and fellow members for advice, support, prayer, and encouragement.

Kevin Huinink
Niagara Peninsula


Lonneke Brown


George Petrusma
South Toronto


Scott Beda
Upper Grand


Kyle Sandford


Rod Berg
North Toronto


Rita Bergsma
Seaway Valley


Jason Schouten
High School


“I definitely appreciate our Lower Grand cohort and the connections that I have made there. Being able to tap into my colleagues’ wealth of knowledge is most helpful. Whether it’s the official meetings or email threads that facilitate the sharing of information, both are a great benefit to me as a leader."



For more information about leadership services, please contact Tim Bentum:

Tim Bentum, MEd
Director of Leadership and External Relations

Ext. 107