Helping schools articulate a dynamic learning vision and pursue that vision with excellence and fidelity.

With a focus on relational and responsive learning frameworks, the learning services team supports schools in developing their learning vision in three dimensions: culture and character, mastery of knowledge and skills, and beautiful work.

Professional development events include an Annual Gathering of 1200+ educators, regional PD days, specialist conferences, learning design programs, and working groups.

How do we invite students into the depth and beauty of the Biblical narrative and a way of knowing as loving? We focus on three dimensions of learning for educators and students:


A school that embodies Christian character formation supports students in their social emotional learning in cultures of engagement and belonging. This includes daily practices such as active listening, speaking with courage, and collaborative protocols that outline how we treat each other in community.


While pursuing knowledge, we foster life-long habits that support cognitive, physical, and social-emotional skill development. Play and delight in discovery lead to habits and mastery through practice.


Our image bearing of the Creator implies that we are also creators. As we explore how God has woven wisdom into the beautiful things he has made, we respond by weaving our best sense of wisdom into our own beautiful work.

Learning Services Offered to Affiliate Schools

  • Consultation on a school's learning vision, professional work plan, and learning framework
  • Edvance Learning Design Programs and Edvance Working Groups are open to any K-12 educator to join an intentionally sized cohort of other Edvance affiliate educators who share a commitment and passion for the program’s topic of learning and design.
  • Program specialization support, including student support services
  • Site visits and progress monitoring tools to help you assess the implementation of your vision
  • Connection to a broad network of Christian and non-Christian global learning initiatives
  • Access to school culture assessments and “Panorama” student surveys (additional fee)
  • Access to Edvance’s communication platform for support and collaboration with other Christian educators by subject and/or grade level

 Edvance Peer Support Networks (PSN) give educators the opportunity to connect with others in the Edvance network who share the same role. PSNs meet multiple times throughout the school year, both virtually and in person, to develop relationships and share resources.

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Teaching for Transformation (TfT) is a multi-year design framework that roots the purpose of learning in God’s Story. Edvance affiliate schools can sign up to receive support and training to implement TfT at their school.

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Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) is an online student assessment service from NWEA which enables learning leaders, teachers, and resource specialists to more effectively measure and support growth for students throughout the school year. Edvance affiliate schools can take advantage of a discounted rate and implementation support.

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The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) allows students in independent high schools to pursue a skilled trade.

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Student Support Services educators can access resources, experts, and timely advice.

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Every Square Centimetre is a podcast celebrating and finding inspiration in from the amazing people, places, and practices in and around Christian education across Canada.

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For more information on learning services, please contact Justin Cook:

Justin Cook, MA, OCT
Director of Learning

Ext. 102   justin.cook@edvance.ca