Your Work Matters ... A Lot!

By Tim Bentum  |  February 11th

Recently I had a chance to meet with some Christian education leaders from Nicaragua, where the political situation has become very tense in recent months. One of these leaders described a situation where she had to approach a large man armed with an AK-47, who had entered her building and had some ‘questions’ for the leader. Although she handled it well and the situation was eventually diffused, it was representative of the context of Christian education in Nicaragua. What is interesting is that this school leader followed up this story by stressing how important it was that the graduates of their Christian school eventually take up leadership positions in key roles in the country to change the future trajectory of the entire nation. Wow! Talk about a high calling!

When I stop to think about the last tense conversation I had with someone in our community, it pales in comparison to this sort of situation (I trust the same is true for you). Here is Canada (for better or worse), we are desensitized to many of the realities that live out there in the wider world. I feel embarrassed to say it, but I can’t think of the last time where I thought of my life and leadership as being absolutely critical to the future of my nation where real lives are on the line. However, we do all know that decisions are being made every day in our country by people in many different positions of power that affect real lives. Although our day to day existence (thankfully) doesn’t include AK-47s, our work remains critical. Our current students and graduates are out there in the world, changing culture (see: Andy Crouch), and building up the Kingdom of God (see: Cardus), according to His plan and purposes (see: Jeremiah 29:11).

It took this example from our Christian brothers and sisters in Nicaragua to snap me out of my element and remind me of the importance of what we are doing in Christian education in a broader sense.

Please take a moment to pray for Christian leaders in education around the world. Many of them face extraordinary obstacles to bring Christian learning to young people in the hope of a real, tangible brighter future. We are blessed in many ways here in Canada but we must never become desensitized to the urgency of learning from a Christian perspective.