“I Don’t Like Your Necklace!”

By George Petrusma  |  January 14th

We hired a new Development Director this year. Danielle is a delight! As Danielle continues to find ways in which to know and understand our school well, she is constantly looking for opportunities to connect.

Recently, while in one of our kindergarten classes, Danielle’s appearance, clothing, and jewelry were the subjects of our young students’ attention. While some items received a favourable review, the one comment which took centre stage when Danielle recalled the story was, “I don’t like your necklace!”

Danielle’s healthy self-esteem remains in spite of this unbridled evaluation; however, I cannot resist the urge to ask you the following metaphoric questions, centred on your leadership: 

Who is YOUR kindergarten class?
Which parts of your leadership are evaluated?
Who is your unbridled, honest critic?
What do you do with the honest feedback?
How do you know that you are getting better?

Growth happens through ensuring that structures and people are in place to help you be better than you were the day before. Growth happens when you walk the tension between not taking yourself too seriously and taking your growth and development seriously. Growth happens when you walk closely with your God and implore Him to make the necessary refinements and adjustments in who you are as a leader.

When was the last time you asked yourself some challenging questions? You may have to remove your necklace.