Edvance District PD Days - PD Packs

PD Days are opportunities for educators to gather with their fellow staff, or even alongside educators from other regional schools nearby, for a day of learning and collaborating together, deepening their own practices, and challenging themselves to innovate and grow.

Edvance offers two different PD Packs, each of which contains all the content your school needs to plan an onsite PD Day, including videos, discussion questions, case studies, working material, and even a step-by-step agenda. All you need to do is purchase one of the PD Packs below, and identify an internal facilitator for your school’s in-house PD Day.

How do we participate?

  1. Purchase one of the modular Edvance PD Packs below. The flat rate fee allows you to use this material with your whole staff.
  2. Identify an internal facilitator who will lead a PD Day for your school.
  3. Choose a day to hold your in-house PD Day. You may already have a district PD day scheduled on your school year calendar, and therefore you may decide to stick with that date. Or you may choose another day that works better for your school. You might even want to split modules across two days.
  4. After purchasing the PD Pack, you will receive the materials by email.

How much is the purchase fee?

Each PD Pack costs $250 +HST for Edvance affiliate schools and $375 +HST for non-affiliates. This is a per school, one-time, flat rate fee to use the PD Pack material with your school staff.

What’s included in the PD Pack?

After purchasing a PD Pack, you will receive a digital link with all the modules for your facilitator to use in leading your PD Day, which may include facilitator scripts, videos, case studies, worksheets, and discussion questions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at events@edvance.ca.

PD Pack for Purchase: Crew and Community in the Christian School

God did not create us to be alone. Christian schools have rightly recognized and focused on the deep connections between our Christian faith and relationality as a bedrock for how God created us to learn. How do we embrace our shared identities in Christ while also honouring our differences within learning communities?

This set of modules focuses on the framework of Crew, a teamwork approach to developing a school culture that nurtures social-emotional and academic development, affirms diverse identities, supports courageous conversations, fosters belonging, and centers authentic and trusting relationships. The content will build on your potential commitments to Responsive Classroom and/or Restorative Practices, and is customized for both elementary and secondary schools.

Edvance, in collaboration with Steven Levy and with resources from EL Education, has created this module structure for your school to use for a planned PD day whenever you choose.

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PD Pack for Purchase: Education as Hospitality: Going Deeper

Building on a biblical vision of hospitality, participants will explore more deeply how cultural identity impacts learning within the communities of our classrooms and schools. How can we design culturally responsive learning that honours diversity in hospitable communities?

Modules explore hospitality and community, hospitality and cultural differences, hospitality in Canadian Christian schools, and hospitality in your own school in particular. Video presentations, case studies, and discussion questions are provided along with a facilitator script.

Edvance, in collaboration with Dr. David Smith, has created this module structure for your school to use for a planned PD day whenever you choose.

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