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Network and collaborate with your fellow school leaders.


The Edvance Spring Leadership Conference is a one-day event that brings school leaders together for facilitated discussions led by a visionary speaker.

Regional Leadership Cohorts of school leaders meet regularly throughout the year, virtually or in-person. Each regional cohort is mentored by an experienced school leader.

In the fall, the Edvance Fall Leadership Retreat is an opportunity for leadership teams to step away from the day-to-day operations of their school and focus on a high-level topic together, with some renewal and inspiration along the way.

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Each spring, schools participate in Edvance District PD Days, a one-day, engaging workshop session, usually held regionally. Various Learning Design Programs are offered throughout the year, focused on topics from curriculum design, to coaching, to Teaching for Transformation (TfT), and more.

The Back to School Bootcamp is an annual series of online practical workshops for educators, held in August. The Bootcamp sessions are led by innovative teachers and cover a wide range of topics including supporting students’ emotional wellbeing, outdoor education tips, demos of the latest educational technology, project-based learning, assessment, and discussions around pedagogy.

The Edvance Annual Gathering is our flagship conference, bringing together over 1200 Christian educators every October. With engaging keynotes, specialist conference sessions, and lots of opportunity to connect with other Christian educators, this event is a highlight of the year!

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